How our Star Date Logs work ?

Star Date Logs is very simple to use. You can create your memories/events here, add photos and videos to that event, share it with your family and friends. You can also add your personal messages to that event which can be seen by all the people with whom the event was shared. All your conversations, photos, videos will be preserved by us forever till you want! 100% safe and private.

How to start using Star Date Logs ?

Register and create your account on Star Date Logs. Once you are registered you can immediately start using Start Date Logs. You can create your new memory/event by adding a title and a description to it. You can also add photos and videos to that event. Share it with someone special if you want. Once shared, the person will also be able to contribute to that event.

Is Star Date Logs private and safer to use ?

Absolutely! Your privacy is our top most concern. We will keep all your data private and safe with us till you want. You can delete everything whenever you want. You will have total control of your data. 100% guarantee.

Is Star Date Logs free to use ?

Absolutely! It is free to use the way you want and for how long you want. We will never charge for anything to use Star Date Logs. No hidden fees. We want you to use Star Date Logs for all your life!